Thinking about going as Supergirl for Halloween made me, of course, think about the movie.. It had so much potential. But the plot and villain (being just a witch) ruined it. The whole plot is that she’s trying to get back this little ball that she lost from her planet that supposedly they have to get … Read more

I, Robot

  Law 1: A robot can never harm a human. Law 2: A robot must obey all human orders unless it conflicts with the first law. Law 3: A robot must protect itself unless it conflicts with the first two laws. When I, Robot came out, I heard a lot of criticism, mainly because it wasn’t close to Asimov’s … Read more


  When I first saw commercials for Hellboy I jumped to the wrong conclusion (I had never heard of the comic and assumed it was all just demonic). But when friends told me how great it was & that it actually had a good message, I decided to give it a try. First of all, Ron Perlman was amazing … Read more