Everybody Comes to the Nightside

I just finished my last RIP book. Thanks to Carl for the great idea! Everybody Comes to the Nightside, by Simon R. Green is actually a Science Fiction Book Club 3-in-1 book including originally published: Something From the Nightside, Agents of Light and Darkness, and Nightingale’s Lament. The Nightside books center on John Taylor, a … Read more

Halloween Meme

Taken from Carl’s Halloween meme:  1. What is your favorite work of horror fiction? The Historian, by Elizabeth Kostova.  See my review here. 2. What is your favorite work of science fiction/fantasy? This one is hard as science fiction is my favorite genre. I’ll have to list several: –Area 51 series, Robert Doherty (Bob Mayer) … Read more

The Best-laid Plans…

Well, so much for the book signing. I had drug my sister along, even though she doesn’t own any of Janet Evanovich’s books, she still enjoys them. I had assumed Janet would give a little talk. I was wrong. When we got there, I was #535, and told they’d call out numbers to get in … Read more

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