App Spotlight: Marvel Reads: The Hulk and Avengers

• “Avengers Origins: Hulk” Follow Stan Lee’s story narration of Dr. Bruce Banner’s epic transformation into the Incredible Hulk. The app features detailed artwork, cutting-edge animations, and interactive touch-screen activities, including roaring, transforming into the Hulk, and testing the Hulk’s strength by breaking through walls, stopping tanks, and more. Available for iPad, iPhone and iPod … Read more

Sci-Fi – Fiction Book Review: Triggers

Triggers by Robert J. Sawyer During a speech, President Seth Jerrison is shot by an assassin and rushed to the hospital. Meanwhile, at the same hospital, Dr. Ranjip Singh is conducting an experimental procedure to alter memories on a veteran with PTSD. But when a bomb explodes nearby, it sets off an electromagnetic pulse, causing … Read more

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