The Autobiography of Kathryn Janeway – Book Review

The Autobiography of Kathryn Janeway by Una McCormack

Kathryn Janeway reveals her career in Starfleet, from her first command to her epic journey through the Delta Quadrant leading to her rise to the top as vice-admiral in Starfleet Command. Discover the story of the woman who travelled further than any human ever had before, stranded decades from home, encountering new worlds and species.

Explore how she brought together Starfleet and the Maquis as part of her crew, forged new alliances with species across the galaxy and overcame one of Starfleet’s greatest threats – the Borg – on their own remote and hostile territory. Get Janeway’s personal take on key characters such as Seven of Nine, her trusted friend Tuvok, new arrivals like Neelix and her second-in-command, Chakotay.

I previously read the The Autobiography of Jean-Luc Picard, and loved that. So, I’ve been waiting years for Janeway’s to publish! And I loved every bit of it. The book delves into her childhood and family life, then into her early Starfleet career. There are several instances of specific memories – some traumatic, some inspirational. My favorites were the adventures she had in her pre-Voyager days. In fact, I wish there were more. Then, of course, 7 years of her life were spent in the Delta Quadrant on Voyager, which fans already know. But this is told from Janeway’s point of view, so it’s nostalgic. And finally, we get a look at her post-Voyager years, as well as that of her crew. Sure, it doesn’t match up to the books published by Simon & Schuster, but that’s okay. I enjoyed the alternate look as well. It felt like the final epilogue on a beloved story. There wont be sequels, so I appreciated how it was wrapped up. And like many biographies, there are some well-photoshopped pics of Janeway throughout the years. This was well-worth my wait.

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