The Divine Talisman

The Divine Talisman, by Eldon Thompson, is the 3rd novel of the Legend of Asahiel.

After sacrificing himself for his friends, Torin has now become possessed by the evil Illysp. And with the Crimson Sword in their control, the Illysp become nearly invincible. The only hope for the land lies in the hands of the half-elf Annleia, who appeals to a higher power in order to discover how to defeat the Illysp.

This third novel is the most exciting and action-packed yet. With the events culminating, the odds seem insurmountable. As even the most trusted of friends could be hosts to the enemy, it becomes harder for the characters to know who has or has not been possessed. Over the course of the three novels, Torin gains friends, a fiancé, a magical sword, becomes king; and then, looses it all. Even his own body, when the Boundless One possesses him. More enemies, means more battles; and Thompson doesn’t skimp on the violent details. A fantasy story of epic proportions, The Divine Talisman is a wonderful conclusion to a tale of destiny, friendship, love, and sacrifice. Fans of the fantasy genre will definitely enjoy this trilogy.

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