The Revenge of Magic: The Future King – Book Review

The Revenge of Magic: The Future King by James Riley

Dealing with monster attacks and his missing father has been hard enough for Fort Fitzgerald in his first month at the Oppenheimer School. But there’s another school for magic, this one in the United Kingdom, that’s about to create even bigger problems.

Six of the Carmarthen Academy students found themselves lost in time when they first started learning magic. Now they’ve returned, with news of a coming war that the students claim only they can stop.

But their new plan for the world might lead to an even worse future, one that Fort and his friends are destined to help bring about, no matter how much they might want to fight it.

Can Fort change the future that the Time students have already seen play out? Or is he destined to pay for his past mistakes for all of time?

The Future King is the third installment in this fast-paced, fantasy, adventure series for middle readers. This latest novel is adrenaline-filled from beginning to end. And though action-packed, I do wish there was the same amount of character development as before. This was the first time I kept getting a few of the minor characters confused with each other. But the story certainly moves along to a surprising, big finale. And, as before, the next in the series can’t come soon enough. This is a solid series with an engaging and unique world of magic.

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