The Stepsister Scheme

The Stepsister Scheme

The Stepsister Scheme, by Jim C. Hines

Taking a new spin on classic fairytale princesses, The Stepsister Scheme centers around three main characters. The character we know as Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, and Cinderella team up to rescue Cinderella’s kidnapped husband. After all, these women are anything but damsels in distress.

After being attacked by her stepsister, Danielle Whiteshore (Cinderella) discovers that her husband has been kidnapped. When her mother-in-law introduces her to Talia (Sleeping Beauty) and Snow (White), Danielle insists on accompanying them to rescue her prince. These beauties are far from helpless. Talia is an expert in martial arts, with plenty of attitude. And Snow is adept with magic.

The trio embarks on a journey to find the prince and discover how Danielle’s sisters are able to perform magic. Their quest introduces them to many interesting characters along the way and right into the heart of fairyland. Danger and tricksters hide around every corner. And magic is never predictable.

Fantastically fresh and exciting, The Stepsister Scheme is another hit by Goblin series author Jim C. Hines. Fantasy and fairytale fans will enjoy this quirky and fun adventure of three princesses, each with an incredible story to tell.