Book Review: The Tomorrow Girls: Run for Cover

The Tomorrow Girls: Run for Cover by Eva Gray

Former roommates Louisa, Rosie, Evelyn, and Maddie have run away from their remote school after discovering it was run by Alliance sympathizers who plan on ransoming the students to their rich parents. But along the way, the girls run into several boys on a survival expedition. The boys claim they want to escape with the girls, but Rosie doesn’t trust them, especially not with the secret she’s been hiding.

This second installment in the Tomorrow Girls series is narrated from Rosie’s point of view. Rosie’s narrative adds to the paranoia and suspense since she has a big secret she’s been keeping. While the girls’ characters were developed well in the previous novel, the boys get a bit blurred. Instead, the story focuses on escape from the Alliance and Rosie’s backstory.

Even more intense and suspenseful from the first, Run for Cover is a fantastic, YA science fiction novel in a near-future, dystopian setting. Fast-paced, with a cliffhanger ending, I’ll be picking up the next in the series immediately.

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