Tonight on Syfy: Morgause Returns on an All-New Merlin


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Darkness descends upon the kingdom of Camelot as wicked Morgause returns, more determined than ever to destroy Uther, in “The Fires of Idirsholas,” an all-new, action-packed episode of Merlin premiering Friday, June 25, at 10 p.m. ET/PT only on Syfy.

In “The Fires of Idirsholas,” Morgause gains a determined ally in her fight against Uther: Morgana, whose hatred for the King puts the entire kingdom at risk. With her dark magic, Morgause re-animates the long-dormant but never-deadlier Knights of Medhir – then places Camelot under a spell to render it defenseless as she plots an attack. Merlin and Arthur find themselves virtually alone in fighting off the relentless knights.

Meanwhile, the Dragon (voiced by legendary actor John Hurt) reveals to Merlin that the only way he can stop them is to betray someone he loves.

As Merlin speeds toward its epic season finale on July 2, “The Fires of Idirsholas” brings together the powerful magic, tense swordfights and myth-driven storytelling that has made the series such a potent addition to Syfy’s lineup.

“It’s a huge and big episode,” enthuses actor Colin Morgan, who stars as Merlin. “When you first read something like that, you think, ‘Wow.’”

Central to the plot is a powerfully dramatic confrontation between Merlin and the increasingly threatening Morgana, who’s played by Katie McGrath.

“Morgana has finally decided that she’s had enough of Uther, that she can’t live with the way he is anymore,” McGrath explains. “She has decided that the time has come for her to do something about it, and Morgause comes into the episode and facilitates this – but in a way that Morgana isn’t really aware. Morgana agrees to a plan without truly understanding what it is.”

Though Morgan knows the story of Merlin and Arthur better than most, he says he was nevertheless impressed by the deep emotions of this episode. “You see Morgana becoming so impassioned and so against Uther that it’s actually becoming quite dangerous and quite worrying.”

The plan Morgana has helped put into motion involves the aforementioned Knights of Medhir, who are stirred by Morgause’s incantations. Coming up with the right look for them was important to the episode’s director, Jeremy Webb.

“I wanted them to have cloaks that would move nicely in slow motion and be quite menacing,” he explains. “Dark and hooded – sort of like grim reapers.”

As the otherworldly knights descend on Camelot, the kingdom is all but helpless against the attack. Only Arthur, Merlin and Morgana are able to wage battle – and in the midst of it, the Dragon heightens the tension by reminding Merlin of the promise the warlock made to set him free.

In the final moments of “The Fires of Idirsholas,” Merlin finds himself standing next to a huge chain. “It’s what has been holding the Dragon down in the depths for all these years, and this is the big moment,” Morgan explains. “Merlin’s about to keep his promise.”

What will come of Merlin’s unexpected actions in the penultimate episode of this season of Merlin? Find out when “The Fires of Idirsholas” airs this Friday – June 25 – at 10 p.m. ET/PT, only on Syfy.


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