Tuck Everlasting 40th Anniversary Tour

“What if you could live forever?”
Blog Tour hosts were asked asked to answer this question. Since I’ve read countless books on the subject of immortality, from science fiction to vampire novels and everything in between, I’ve had plenty of time to think about the pros and cons. In Tuck Everlasting, the Tucks don’t seem to have done much with their lives. And while I agree it was smart to keep it a secret, I can’t help but think of everything they could have done with their lives. In the new tv show Forever, Dr. Henry Morgan can’t die either. He’s spent his years on Earth studying medicine, healing, and researching life and death, with the purpose in life to find out why he’s immortal. Then there’s the Highlander(s) who (like the Tucks) knows why he’s immortal, and has spent numerous lifetimes living different lives and experiences.

I think I’d follow the path of living and experiencing as much as possible. Mostly, because after too many decades of doing the same thing, I would imagine it would get mindless and dull – and I’d be ready to try and master something new. Or maybe I’d find a job where I could get paid to just read all day. I’m pretty sure I’d never get tired of that.

BOOK INFO: The anniversary edition is on sale January 20, 2015. This edition includes a foreword from Wicked author Gregory Maguire.

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