Winders – Book Review

Winders by Ryan O’Nan

Juniper Trask is a prodigy, raised under the Council’s strict Code, which allows Winders to exist in secret among average humans. After the shocking murder of her mentor, she is chosen to take his seat on the Council. But as Juniper settles into her new role, cracks of dissension are forming around her, and she uncovers the dark truth behind their power. Juniper has just become a pawn in a game no one knows is being played, and as she begins to question the Code for the first time, her life spirals into a world of danger.

Charlie Ryan always knew he was different, ever since he saved his mother from a horrible car wreck that no one but him remembers. After meeting a mysterious man who claims he has the same ability, Charlie leaves home to chase him for answers. But the world Charlie’s stepped into is more dangerous than he could have imagined. Charlie’s powers are special, and there are those who would kill to get their hands on him.

Now, Juniper and Charlie need each other if they are going to survive the future—no matter which future that may be…

Juniper is spoiled and entitled, but has a good heart. Both she and Charle have tragic pasts. But Charlie blames himself for what happens in a tragic car accident that affects both his life and his best friend’s. As Charlie learns more about his abilities, he learns of a dark and dangerous world of those like him. I was worried I wasn’t going to like Juniper, but she grew on me as her eyes were opened and we learned more about her. Charlie is sympathetic and naive, despite his difficult past, but he does a lot of growing as well.

This is a fun and exciting debut. The story is dark and disturbing at times. But it’s thrilling and thought-provoking as well. With plenty of action, super-powered hijinks, and intrigue, this fast-paced novel is memorable and unpredictable. I thoroughly enjoyed this surprising read.