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Comic Spotlight: Saucer Country

saucer country

Saucer Country is a new series written by Paul Cornell and art by Ryan Kelly and published by Vertigo. (March 14th)

Arcadia Alvarado is the current Governor of New Mexico, considering running for Presidency. She is a Mexican-American, dealing with Immigration, her low-life ex-husband, and strange dreams. But after her latest dream, Arcadia is convinced she was abducted by aliens. And in order to save the world from an invasion, she must become the next US President.

The story starts off with a bit of confusion, with Arcadia and her ex awakened in her car. We aren’t privy to what happened, right away. But Arcadia’s story continues with her professional and personal decisions affecting her presidential race. Next, we’re introduced to a Harvard professor who seems to be seeing strange, miniature aliens that give him instructions. His superiors at Harvard think he’s lost his mind.

The artwork matches the mood – dark with sharp, rigid lines. Well-rendered, it told the story almost as well as the accompanying words. As the story ends in the first book, we’re introduced to several characters who claim to have had alien contact. It will be interesting to see the alien conspiracy unfold with these people who most will consider insane, especially a Presidential candidate. Set in a modern-day New Mexico, Arcadia seems to have more than one hidden secret. An original, scifi thriller – this will be one to watch.

Review: Marvel Dog Toys and Apparel from PetSmart

As reported before, from now until April 22nd, PetSmart is selling exclusive Marvel dog toys and apparel! These are a must for any dog-loving Marvel fan!

Well, my lucky pup Lois Lane was able to test-drive some sample products, thanks to PetSmart. Granted, Lois Lane is a DC gal, but the shirt she received was incredibly appropriate.

Lois Lane is modeling a size Large shirt, which should fit her sturdy, barrel-chested 30lb frame (and quite a bit of extra skin thanks to her Shar Pei side), but as you can see it’s a big snug. So the sizes run a bit smaller than usual.

Now for Lois Lane’s favorite thing… a squeaky toy. In this case, Spider-Man. Lane has hunted spiders in the past, but this is the first one I allow her to carry around in her mouth.

And as you can see from some short video clips, she went at Spider-Man with gusto.

Is this a pre-cursor to a DC/Marvel war?

But as it turns out, Lois Lane is gentle at heart. And she finished playing without tearing Spider-Man apart. The squeaky toy is surprisingly durable and well-made.

They even spent some time cuddling afterwards.

… Until a sneak attack that night…

Since these were a hit, I’ll definitely be hitting PetSmart to grab some bandannas and more toys.

Marvel Dog Toys Coming to PetSmart!

According to PetSmart’s latest email newsletter, on February 27th the popular pet store will be unveiling it’s latest line of dog toys and apparel from none other than Marvel! Move over Martha Stewart collection. I have a feeling Marvel products will prove much more popular… at least to the younger crowd.

Now, I’m just hoping my pup Lois Lane isn’t too partial to DC comic characters…


Graphic Novel Review: Superman: Earth One

Superman: Earth One

Superman: Earth One, by J. Michael Straczynski and Shane Davis

A young Clark Kent has numerous job possibilities when he moves to Metropolis. His first thought is to choose something where he’d make enough money to support his widowed mother still living in Smallville. But Martha Kent knows that Clark belongs to the world. When aliens arrive, ready to attack Earth if the last son of Krypton doesn’t show himself, Clark finally dons the familiar primary colors and embraces his destiny.

This original graphic novel explores a new, updated take on Superman’s origin story. Fantastic artwork by Shane Davis gives this rendition an edgy, contemporary feel. Clark’s younger life is told in flashbacks a he deals with tough decisions of adulthood and greater responsibilities. A favorite scene is when Martha tells Clark the reason that he can’t wear a mask. It’s both powerful and moving – which is a great way to sum up the whole of the story. With plenty of action, drama, beauty, and suspense – I loved this graphic novel from beginning to end. Both new and diehard fans alike will enjoy fresh spin on a familiar story.

Torchwood Comic Sneak Peek!

Torchwood Comic issue #1
On sale August 10, 2010

Cover 1

From Press Release: Titan Publishing is pleased to announce the launch of Torchwood comic, based on the hit BBC America show.

Acclaimed artist Tommy Lee Edwards has teamed up with John Barrowman (Torchwood‘s Captain Jack) and his sister and frequent coworker Carole E. Barrowman, to produce “Captain Jack and the Selkie.”

“Captain Jack and the Selkie” is one of two original Torchwood stories in issue #1 and sees Jack facing a deadly threat on a remote Scottish island, where people are disappearing one by one. To his horror, Jack starts to suspect he may know who, or rather what, is responsible.

Continue reading Torchwood Comic Sneak Peek! Exclusive Interview: Sterling Gates

SupergirlSterling Gates

I was lucky enough to meet Sterling Gates a couple years ago at Comic Con, through one of my favorite authors – Mel Odom. Gates had just been hired to write for the Supergirl comic series, and was able to share some of the preliminary sketches. I was very excited, as Supergirl is one of the few comics that I still keep up with. (This will be no surprise to those who know I named my dog “Lois Lane.”). From the Silver Banshee to the latest New Krypton storyline, Supergirl has had quite a wild ride since Gates came on board. Now Gates shares with readers about what’s coming next for Supergirl and his experience with the DC Comics world.

What can you tell us about the latest Supergirl story arc?

It’s a dark time for the Girl of Steel. We’re coming out of the WAR OF THE SUPERMEN, an arc that featured the destruction of the planet New Krypton and the death of Supergirl’s mother, Alura. So she’s in a pretty dark place, both physically and emotionally. She’s been away for a few weeks, just getting her head back on straight, and she’s just returned to Metropolis and moved back in with Lana Lang. Lana acts as a big sister-type to Kara, helping her in ways that not even Superman can. And that’s where we pick up.

Kara’s dealing with the loss of her people, and coming to terms with what she perceives as her culpability in their deaths. That’s a lot for a teenager to handle, even if they are a superhero, so she’s got a lot to think about.

Then a twisted and scary version of Supergirl arrives in the form of a villain named BizarroGirl. BizarroGirl is exactly that, a Bizarro version of Supergirl, and she crashes down in the middle of Metropolis. Intense mayhem ensues. [laughs]

The next arc is about responsibility and dealing with regret and remorse, though. It seems like a romp though the streets on the surface, but there’s a lot going on there emotionally and physically for Supergirl.

Can you tell us about any new villain(s) Supergirl will be facing? Any spoilers?

Well, coming out of New Krypton, I wanted to start adding new and different villains to Supergirl’s rogue’s gallery We’re introducing a completely new “cosmic” villain to the DCU in the BizarroGirl arc, and then I’m dusting off an old Legion of Super-Heroes villain for Supergirl Annual #2, which is out this fall.

After that, there are a couple familiar faces coming, and a couple new ones that I’ve been setting up since I started writing the book. Long time readers will be rewarded for their patience!

Tell us a bit about yourself and your experience in writing. How did you get your start?

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Free Comic Book Day – May 2nd!

Don’t forget to stop by your local comic shop for Free Comic Book Day this Saturday, May 2nd!
The shop I frequent is Downtown Comics, where there will be free comics (of course), special guests, big sales, and other free stuff!

Oh yeah, and there’s this movie opening this weekend called X-Men Origins: Wolverine.