13 Reasons to Watch Eli Stone

As a new and different comedy/law show/fantasy from ABC, Eli Stone has surprisingly become a fast favorite of mine. The premise: Eli Stone is a lawyer who begins having hallucinations. The hallucinations are the result of a brain aneurysm. But the hallucinations are strangely symbolic and seem to be coming from God. Eli is a reluctant prophet whose life gets turned upside down, but begins to change for the better.

So without further ado, here are 13 Reasons to Watch Eli Stone:

1. George Michael songs. Most of Eli’s hallucinations revolve around some of George’s best songs.

2. Jonny Lee Miller – Couldn’t have been better cast. Superb acting.

3. It’s funny. Singing and dancing and slaying dragons? Poor Eli finds himself unable to distinguish his visions from reality until after the fact.

4. Each episode has a message. And it’s always touching.

5. There’s a love triangle blooming.

6. The ex-fiancé – She’s gorgeous and wants to stay with Eli even after hearing about his fatal disease.

7. The perky, newbie lawyer – She’s Eli’s positive influence who starts his life on the road to change.

8. The spunky assistant – Often the source of humor for the show and loves to torture Eli’s ex-fiancé.

9. The brother – Eli’s brother is a doctor who first discovers his aneurysm.

10. The boss – Who just happens to be his ex-fiancé’s father. Oops.

11. The acupuncturist – He’s the one who first believes that Eli is a prophet. And that he needs to explore his visions (hallucinations) to discover their meaning.

12. The father – Eli’s brain aneurysm was genetic. And it seems that Eli’s father’s hallucinations weren’t simply hallucinations either…

13. It airs immediately following Lost. Don’t let this one die like Invasion did. Be sure to tune in!

13 thoughts on “13 Reasons to Watch Eli Stone”

  1. Ang, I’ll check it out when “Celebrity Apprentice” is over. I had to watch because Stephen Baldwin was on (he got kicked off last week). I have this Stephen Baldwin thing.

    Anyway, I’m gonna check out “Eli Stone” if only because of #10–that guy’s a great actor.

  2. Amy – Thankfully, my DVR can record 2 shows at once! I like Stephen too, so I’ve been watching Celebrity Apprentice. Though I’m not crazy about any of the people left.

  3. Those are great reasons! I love the show. I think Johnny Lee Miller and Loretta Devine are wonderful in their roles and have made every episode a treat. 🙂


  4. I watched this from the start and I’m really surprised at how good it is. Also the fact that Natasha Hestridge is on it playing the ex/love interest is cool. Especially in the fact that they don’t writer her as a shrill bitter ex, that’s a nice change of pace for this type of character.

    And how good is Johnny Lee Miller?

  5. I Love Eli Stone. I admit I started watching it because it was on after Lost, but its good enough to stand on its own!

    Happy TT, my list is up!

  6. Yeah, the casting is excellent on the show.
    And I agree, Pete. I assumed Hestridge’s character would leave Eli when she found out about his condition. And we all would be glad to hate her. Instead, it’s going to make for an interesting complication when Eli has two smart, beautiful, and genuinely nice women in love with him. Poor guy.

  7. Great list, it sounds interesting. I’d watch it, but I don’t watch much TV (I know weird). I’m not even sure what night Lost is on. 🙂

  8. I find myself liking this show more and more each episode. The writing surprises you, just when you think you know how they’re going to go, they go a different way. Even the characters that started out seeming one dimensional are showing more sides to their character. Fast becoming one of my favorite shows.

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