13 Unfortunate X-Men Costumes

With so many tacky costumes from the early years, this list was a lot of fun to assemble.

1. Cyclops – Those over-the-head hoods with attached goggles are anything but attractive.

2. Banshee – This should be at the top of any costume no-no. In any fight, DO NOT wear a giant bull’s-eye-target, unless you want to get yourself killed.

3. Storm – Flock of Seagulls fan?

4. Beast – Bikini briefs on someone this hairy?

5. Angel/Archangel – Save it for the disco, man.

6. Jean Gray – Marvel Girl or Batgirl? You decide.

7. Wolfsbane – Beam me up, Scotty.

8. Rogue – Guess she was a big fan of the movie Flashdance.

9. Iceman – Hmm. Yeah, those are only boots he’s wearing. What happens when he de-frosts?

10. Shadowcat – Wow. So many colors, it’s like a train wreck. Punky Brewster anyone?

11. Cable – Can’t say much about the majority of his wardrobe, except for this early disaster. Not sure what look he was going for – Homeless man? Explorer? Sasquatch?

12. Cannonball – He also doubled as a cold-climate Evil Knievel apparently.

13. Dazzler – Little known fact that Dazzler actually moonlighted as “Lord of the Dance.”

26 thoughts on “13 Unfortunate X-Men Costumes”

  1. Great list. It is very obvious that a lot of these characters are wearing clothes that were considered “cool” once upon a time.

  2. ha! this was awesome.
    I’ve always like Rogue best – thankfully her costume evolved in to something a little less….80’s

  3. I liked Rogue’s 80s thing! But not Storm’s FoS hair so much. She looked best when Wilce Portacio drew her, back when the X-Men split from Uncanny. Things really do go in trends. I remember in the early/mid-90s when everyone wore awesome trenches. Gambit, Jubilee, and anyone who was in street clothes–skin tight + trench = cool!

  4. HA! Great list…I’d also put any of the Rob Liefeld designed characters on that list as well. There were some really unfortunate choices in clothing for Marvel and DC and Image characters in the 1990’s as well.

  5. I guess I have the same feeling about when they used to cover up Jean Grey’s head back in the old comics….so I can see where you are coming from. 😉

  6. Give Kitty a break. Thirteen, middle of the Disco era, her first costume design. Of course it was going to be BAD.
    As for the Beast, I hate how some shirt collars catch on my neck hair. How much worse would it be for him?

  7. AWESOME! I might direct my friends to this post so they can get ideas for my Sci-fi/Superhero Masque for my 50th birthday (in 2009. I’m planning it now.) I would have added a picture of Mimic whose costume if I recall was bright orange and an amalgam of all the Xmen suites at the time.

  8. oof, yeah, shadowcat’s is just… yeah. although i loved that rogue one she had. i never liked that ‘jim lee’ era one, with the oversized redneck hairdo. come to think of it, i didn’t like any of the outfits from that era.

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