Heroes Liveblog

Got another email from my NBC news source:

Hey Angela,

… I thought you might be interested in something NBC’s doing for the last episode of Season 1 of Heroes: After the show airs on the East Coast (starting at 10pm EST), there’ll be a live blog by Heroes creator Tim Kring and Hayden Panettierre a.k.a. the Cheerleader, to discuss the show. You and your readers are invited to come and participate—both of them will be answering questions posed in the comments section. Here’s a direct link to the page the blog will be hosted on when it goes live: http://blog.nbc.com/heroes/.

Also, if you’re looking for some extra video to watch after the series is over, there are video commentaries up on NBC.com’s site available here: http://www.nbc.com/Heroes/video/commentary.shtml. Right now they have the commentaries for Chapter 18 (Parasite) through Chapter 22 (Landslide).

Enjoy the final episode of the season!


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