2008 – A Year In Review

I read a total of 144 books in 2008, a few less than last year actually. I blame it on adopting Lois Lane.

The number breakdown:

59 authors never read before.
130 scifi/fantasy novels or graphic novels read.
35 were young adult or children’s books.
91 book reviews written.

8 movies received in 2008.
315 books received in 2008.

127 titles received from Penguin Books (ACE, ROC, DAW, etc).
48 titles received from Pocket Books.
39 titles received from Hachette Books (Orbit).
22 titles received from Gold Eagle/Harlequin.
12 titles received from Abaddon Books.
11 titles received from Random House.
9 titles received from HarperCollins.
8 titles received from Mirrorstone Books.
7 titles received from Solaris Books.
6 titles received from Shadow Mountain Publishing.
4 titles received from IDW.
3 titles received from Tor/Forge.

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Ebooks for $1!

Press Release from Orbit Books:
Introducing the One Dollar Ebook from Orbit!

Orbit – in partnership with a number of major ebook vendors – has launched an innovative promotion offering one ebook for sale each month at the introductory price of $1.00. At the end of the promotional month the cost of the ebook returns to its standard price and a new book will be offered at the discount. Details of the promotion are at www.onedollarorbit.com

The promotion will include The Way of Shadows by debut author Brent Weeks, Empress by Karen Miller, as well as classics of science fiction such as Use of Weapons by Iain M. Banks.

VP and Publisher of Orbit Tim Holman said: “We believe that this promotion will give readers a great opportunity to discover new writers. Most of our consumer marketing has an online focus, and the digital marketplace offers the perfect platform for price-promotion initiatives such as this. It will be very exciting to see how effective it is. The range of titles chosen for the promotion includes a mix of frontlist and backlist, from both new and established authors, and we will be monitoring the performance of every title very closely.”

A list of titles that will be available at the discount price can be found at http://www.onedollarorbit.com

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