Book Review: Wereling


Wereling, by Steve Feasey

When 14 year-old Trey Laporte awakens one morning, he finds his room completely trashed and the window broken open from the inside. Then, a mysterious stranger claiming to be his uncle arrives and is whisked away to his incredibly lavish home. Lucien admits that he is not Trey’s uncle, but promised his late parents that he would take care of Trey. Especially now that an evil vampire is after Trey, believing the boy to be his only potential adversary. Because Trey is the last of his kind – a natural (born) werewolf.

Trey is an average teenage boy with an unnatural heritage and the ability to change to wolf form at will. With unbelievable information and finding himself in the most frightening of situations, Trey accepts everything reluctantly with bravery. And having a blooming crush on Lucien’s daughter, Trey remains grounded. Feasey’s Netherworld creatures extend from vampires and werewolves to demons, sorcerers, djinn, and beyond. Each main character is complex and well-developed, which is not always the case with other young adult fantasy novels.

Wereling is a fast-paced, suspense-filled thrill ride, and a treat for urban fantasy fans of all ages. My only complaint is that it was over so quickly. This impressive debut left me craving more. I’m looking forward to the next installment, as the action-packed, climactic ending left off in a minor cliffhanger. And don’t miss the handy Netherworld creature glossary in the back of the book for a deeper look into Steve Feasey’s fantastic world of all things that go bump in the night.

Received in April

Here are the books/tv I received in April for review and/or giveaways:

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Feiwel and Friends/Macmillan Children’s Books
Wereling by Steve Feasey

Del Rey Books:
Dragongirl by Todd J. McCaffrey

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