Book Review: Instinct: A Chess Team Adventure

Instinct: A Chess Team Adventure

Instinct: Chess Team Adventure, by Jeremy Robinson, is 2nd in the series.

The Chess Team: King, Queen, Knight, Bishop, and Rook are all back in a new adventure, even more heart-pounding than before. An outbreak of a deadly epidemic that is aimed at the President sends the team to Vietnam. They are joined by scientist Sara (codename: Pawn) who is charged with finding a cure for the fatal virus. But they are not alone in the jungle. Ruthless Vietnamese are waiting for them. And a far more deadly and monstrous enemy will stop at nothing to make sure the team doesn’t make it out alive.

Robinson’s special ops team put through the ringer in this latest installment. Members are shot, stabbed, mauled, electrocuted, and branded – just to name a few. They are tough and brutal with their enemies, but are humanized with a sense of humor and concern for their fellow teammates. Faced with impossible circumstances, these individuals work miracles.

As in the previous novel, Pulse, the action reads like watching a movie. With heart-pounding suspense and stomach-churning violence, Robinson has topped himself with this one. Amidst scenes of intense suspense, the complex plot unfolds slowly with some surprising results. This action-packed thriller was extremely enjoyable and impossible to put down. Ending in a mild cliffhanger, readers will be eager for the next in this exciting series – I know I am.

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