Book Giveaway: The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and Zombie Jim

On behalf of Gallery Books, I have a copy of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and Zombie Jim by Mark Twain and W. Bill Czolgosz for one lucky winner!

Contest is open to US residents only. To enter, just fill out the form below. Contest ends May 20. I’ll draw names on May 21, and notify winner via email.

Good luck!

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Book Review: Eureka: Road Less Traveled

Eureka: Road Less Traveled, by Cris Ramsay

After a break-in at Global Dynamics, Jo and Fargo are assigned to investigate the theft of a lab-designed thunderbird. But the real event begins when Dr. Russell is able to contact another dimension. It’s parallel universe surprisingly similar to this one, except for an absent Sheriff Carter. Of course, the real trouble begins when the two realities begin overlapping. Eureka residents from the other universe begin showing up in this one. And it’s up to Sheriff Carter to help save the day once again.

This is my favorite Eureka tie-in thus far. The parallel storylines are fun and exciting. Most of the main characters from the show really shine and are put in some stirring predicaments. Loaded with mystery, suspense, out of this world technology, and humor, Eureka fans should not miss this latest installment. This humorous, science fiction series has heart and always plenty of adventure.

Book Review: Hourglass

Hourglass, by Myra McEntire

Following her parents’ death and a brief stint in a mental institution, seventeen-year-old Emerson Cole moves in with her brother and his wife. Emerson just wants to be normal, but her strange ability makes that nearly impossible. Emerson can see people from the past – ghostly apparitions that only disappear when she tries to touch them. Her brother has hired numerous so-called experts to try to help Emerson. So when Michael Weaver shows up from an organization called Hourglass, Emerson is immediately suspicious. Michael claims Emerson is not just seeing ghosts, but that she has the ability to see into the past. There’s something about Michael that compels Emerson, and it’s not just his suave demeanor and good looks.

Emerson and Michael have an incredible chemistry. Emerson is damaged yet nearly fearless. Michael is mysterious yet fiercely protective of Emerson. And strange things happen when they touch. McEntire’s impressive debut flawlessly blends fantasy and science fiction in the time travel romance for young adults.

Full of drama, mystery, suspense, and romance, this moving story was impossible to put down. The story and romance reminded me a bit of the Time Travelers Wife, yet age appropriate and not as dark. With several surprises along the way, the Hourglass ends with a twist that left me wanting more. This is a promising start for a talented new author. And I eagerly await a sequel to this fascinating debut.

Hourglass is scheduled to release from EgmontUSA on June 14, 2011.

Book Review: The Gathering

The Gathering, by Kelley Armstrong

Founded by a scientist, Maya’s small town is comprised almost exclusively by families associated with the scientific research facility. A year after her best friend mysteriously dies, more strange occurrences begin happening in Maya’s small village. Mountain lions are getting closer to town and getting braver with humans. Maya’s unique gift for healing rogue forest animals takes a strange turn. The new boy in town harbors big secrets. And a nosey reporter has been sniffing around asking weird questions about the high school students by name.

Maya is a smart, brave, and compassionate teen with plenty of spunk. While some of the secrets are a bit predictable, Armstrong is adept at pulling readers into the story. This is one that I couldn’t put down. This is the first in a new series, with a major cliffhanger and many loose ends that still needs to be explained. But the little town on Vancouver Island and its residents are completely fascinating and mysterious. And I was completely won over by its charm. Full of suspense, danger, and excitement, The Gathering had me on the edge of my seat. This YA fantasy is gripping and smart. And I’ll be waiting impatiently for the next in the series.

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