2012 Syfy Digital Press Tour: Dinner with Cast of Being Human and Haven

With the cast of Being Human

This year’s Syfy Digital Press Tour was in Toronto. And I jumped at the chance to be able to attend when I heard we’d be going on a set tour of Warehouse 13, one of my favorite shows! The tour started off with cocktails and dinner with the cast of Being Human and Haven on Sunday evening.

Cast of Being Human

Sam Witwer sat down with me for a one-on-one chat about the upcoming 3rd season of Being Human (premieres January 14th). He was really excited to talk about the direction this season will take. His character, Aidan, has been buried since the end of season 2, so he’s in for a whole new set of challenges once he’s finally free. He also mentioned this season will be a bit lighter, with more humor. And I was happy to hear that the show has taken a definite turn in the storyline from the British version and is making it their own.

Eric Balfour, of Haven, asked me, “Where are we sitting?” So, we grabbed the closest table. Turns out he’s gifted at taking pictures with iPhones without being able to see the screen.

Eric Balfour and I With front-facing camera.
Eric Balfour and I Without seeing the screen.

He also ordered shots for the whole table. We had a great time chatting about everything from life in Nova Scotia to the latest political debates.

Then, before heading out, I had to grab Haven’s Adam Copeland (Edge) and Lucas Bryant for a quick photo… which turned into a long one with the bad lighting and glares. So Adam Copeland grabbed my iPhone and took a close one. I didn’t mind at all.

With cast of Haven Untitled With the men of Haven

It was a fantastically fun night and a great start to an amazing tour!

More to come: On the set of Warehouse 13 and Defiance.

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