A New Librarian Movie

According to IMDB.com, Noah Wyle will be returning this November on TNT as Flynn Carsen in The Librarian: The Curse of the Judas Chalice. Jonathan Frakes will be directing again, so I’m excited about this new installment to this fun series.
Missed the first 2 movies? You can grab the DVDs here:
The Librarian – Quest for the Spear
The Librarian – Return to King Solomon’s Mines
… or keep looking on the TNT schedule, where I’m sure they’ll re-air them again.

6 thoughts on “A New Librarian Movie”

  1. Carrie – Yes, he’s perfect for the role too. Cute, yet geeky, like Daniel Jackson from Stargate.

    Melgaye & Pete – I loved the first 2 too. So much so that I had to buy them on DVD!

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