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9 Replies to “Another Big Haul”

  1. What’s your Flickr name, may I ask? (I’m TezMillerOz.)

    Lucky lass! I contacted Penguin US, and they don’t ship review copies overseas…and Penguin in Oz still hasn’t got back to me yet 🙁 Hachette (Orbit) Australia, however, has been terrific 🙂

    Tell your dog I’d like Night Child if you already have it 😉

    Have a lovely day! 🙂

  2. OOoooo, Tanya Huff’s new book. A lot of books, what a great present to receive. Enjoy.

  3. Tez – It’s SciFiChick on Flickr too.
    That stinks.. I’m sure it can be hard getting in touch with certain publishers. I do already have Night Child… I’m sure I’ll be doing a giveaway for that one too!

    CJHill – Thanks! She’s pretty sweet 🙂

    Karen – I am one lucky reviewer!

    Carl – I wish she was more cuddly.. She may just have to get used to me more. She sure does love playing though!

    Shiloh – I guess it’s not a good sign when the first thing she did was yawn. But then, I did prop up the books against her bed. And she only goes there to sleep…

  4. Aww… the doggie is so cute that he managed to distract me from the books, and that’s not easy! 🙂 A great group of books. I’m dying for the Tanya Huff one!

  5. I’m looking forward to reading The Essential Batman Enycylopedia as well 🙂 Also in regards to your Vexille ads, I just saw that DVD over the weekend. It’s pretty interesting. Not one of the best anime I’ve seen, but the concept is terrific!

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