5 thoughts on “Another Iron Man Trailer”

  1. For real! I’ve been surprised at how psyched I am for the movie, especially given how skeptical I was of it when I first heard RD,Jr was playing Stark. Now he’s the whole reason I’m into it! 🙂 I admit, though, that I have some worry that the bad guy is another iron man…

  2. It looks terrific and Jon Faverau has already called ‘dibs’ on the Ultimates movie, but only if they use Downey and Norton and the other actors from the coming Thor, Captain America movies as well. Hopefully Iron Man can live up to the hype…

  3. I’m not sure how about Norton as Banner yet, but trailers haven’t released… But Faverau in charge of Ultimates would be great!
    Is it bad that I think an Ultimates movie would be much more successful than a JLA movie? I just don’t think the JLA would translate well to film. It’d be too Superman vs. Batman in screen time.

  4. Well the problem I think with the Justice League movie vs. The Ultimates movie is the ‘actor’ problem. The plan for the Ultimates is to use the actors who are in Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America, Thor (to be directed by Matthew Vaughn of Stardust movie) and Ant-Man (script turned in already from Edgar “Shaun of the Dead” Wright). Whereas the Justice League movie is all new actors. And with the exception of Adam Brody from The O.C. all the actors are no-names in the Justice League, while Christan Bale and Brandon Routh are Bats and Supes in the stand alone movies. The only thing the Justice League movie has going for it is the brilliant George Miller (Mad Max, Babe, Happy Feet) directing. So I’ve got my fingers crossed it will be good.

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