13 thoughts on “Anthony Michael Hall Portrait”

  1. Nice! He’s one of the actors that I am really glad is doing something…that he didn’t get completely typecast by his fun but similar roles in 80’s teen movies.

  2. Thanks!

    Jules – Don’t you remember The Breakfast Club? He was the little nerdy guy. As well as in 16 candles, Weird Science, etc.. As Carl said, he was typecast.
    But he grew up! He’s an amazing actor, and quite attractive now.

  3. Booklogged – I do charge for my time for projects that I’m not really excited about doing, or that will consume a lot of my time. But if it’s for a friend and I think it’ll be fun, I don’t like to charge much. I usually just tell them to take me for lunch sometime!

    Thanks, Katie & Colleen!

  4. wow I totally love this drawing. I am a huge fan of Anthony Michael Hall and The Dead Zone. I run his fan page over on myspace.

    Could you do some more drawings of Mr. Tall and Blonde? I would love to see some more of Mike!

    btw would it be all right to post this drawing on his Fanpage?

    Keep up the great work, you obviously have a great talent!

  5. AMHfan – Thanks! Sure, you can post it over there. Do you mind linking back here though?
    Yes, I’m sure I’ll get around to drawing more of AMH. I just need to find some good quality head shots floating around…

  6. Omg you are talented! This actually does look like him. I know what picture you copied. Very nice. Anythony Hall is hot 🙂

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