Awakened Mage

The Awakened Mage, by Karen Miller, is the 2nd half of the Kingmaker, Kingbreaker duology.

Picking up where the Innocent Mage left off, Asher discovers the royal family has been in a tragic accident caused by the evil Morg. With the kingdom’s future on the line, Morg takes advantage of the ensuing chaos to further his plans. And Gar must rely on his friend Asher more than ever, if he hopes to continue the Weather Working which holds the kingdom’s wall secure and all of Morg’s immense power out. But Asher will need to fulfill prophecy and discover his true potential in order to defeat Morg and protect everything he holds dear.

As events culminate to devastating proportions, Asher slowly becomes confronted with his destiny and becomes the reluctant hero. Each character, good and evil, is so fleshed out over the course of these two books, that I feel as if I know each one personally. And I felt myself become emotional at times, especially at the end, when characters would make bad decisions or were killed. It’s been a while since I’ve found myself so wrapped up in a story!

The Kingmaker, Kingbreaker duology is an incredible epic fantasy that I would recommend to anyone. Adventure, magic, friendship, love, and a battle of good versus evil – I can see this tale becoming a classic. And Karen Miller has made her way to my list of favorite authors.

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