Battlestar Galactica: Downloaded

Titan Books Press Release:

On April 28, 2009, experience Battlestar Galactica: Downloaded, Titan Book’s full-color companion, unearthing all the crucial details of Season 1 and 2. Filled with interviews from the cast and crew, stunning photos and an in-depth episode guide, this is the ultimate way to experience the show.

In Downloaded you will discover:
– Guides to your favorite characters, from Bill Adama to Gaius Baltar, with commentary from the actors themselves!
– An in-depth look at the 3-hour miniseries which started it all!
– Behind-the-scenes secrets about the costumes, production design and Bear McCreary’s unforgettable musical score!
– Get the inside scoop on some of the most seminal episodes in Battlestar history including ‘33’ and ‘Downloaded’

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