Ben Browder Cast in New Web Series

Naught for HireHere’s good news for all of us Farscape and SG-1 fans! We can look forward to a new web series later this year called Naught for Hire starring Ben Browder.

Fan favorite Ben Browder (Farscape and Stargate SG-1) has been cast as lead in the upcoming scifi noir web series Naught for Hire. Browder will play Nick Naught, an old-fashion private detective in a futuristic world.

Naught for Hire is co-written by John E. Stith and Jeffrey Berman. Production begins this summer and will premier this December. The story will be in 13 parts and set 20 years in a hi-tech future where A.I. is present in everything electronic.

From Press Release:
…Unfortunately for Nick, the A.I. chips are temperamental, leaving him to wade through a horde of low-lifes and criminals, while contending with a car that’s in love with him, an answering device that plays pranks on him, and a neurotic elevator that wants to go anywhere but up or down.

In the spirit of pulp-style serialized detective stories, each of Naught for Hire’s six-minute episodes will end on a cliffhanger and feature a who’s who of celebrity guest voices as the inanimate objects that populate Naught’s world.

… “I’ve been lucky enough to have a rewarding history in the scifi genre.” said executive producer and star Ben Browder. “What Naught for Hire has that sets it apart is a very cool blend of both sci-fi and noir with a sensible dose of humor. As an actor, Naught has the potential to be the ‘beginning of a beautiful friendship.”

“The Sci-Fi genre attracts a loyal following of fans, me among them, and noir is experiencing a renaissance of sorts lately,” said series creator Jeffrey Berman, “so I think our series has the potential to appeal to a wide variety of audiences.”

He continues, “I’m also delighted with the top-notch talent this project has attracted. It really shows that the Hollywood community is embracing the opportunities available with New Media.”

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6 thoughts on “Ben Browder Cast in New Web Series”

  1. Cool news! Thank you.

    Ben has also been cast in a new CW series for the fall, ‘The Hellcats.’

  2. Yay! I LOVE Ben Browder and this sounds like a really fun project!

    If Hellcats gets picked up, I’ll watch that too because Ben playing a
    football coach will be worth watching. Rah! Rah!

  3. Yay for Ben!!! I can’t wait to see this.

    I will be watching Hellcats too. If Ben is in it I will watch it. His acting ability hasn’t failed me yet.

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