Bitterwood, by James Maxey, is one of my favorite novels of the year.

In a land where dragons rule, and humans are treated merely as slaves and pets, there seems to be little hope. But after his family is taken from him, Bitterwood sets out on a quest for vengeance against the ruthless dragons. And humanity looks to the legendary dragon hunter to set them free.

Bitterwood is one of the most original and exciting fantasy novels that I’ve read in years. The characters of Bitterwood and the dragon Vendevorex are shrouded in mystery, their stories slowly unfolding through flashbacks over the course of the novel. There are a good number of dragon characters in the story, which are just as well-developed with distinct personalities as the humans. With a large cast of unique characters, the index of characters in the back of the book comes in handy at times.

The imagery and descriptions of this fantasy world is amazingly vivid and creative. And the story of Bitterwood is epic and thought provoking. Full of adventure, mystery, action, this is one story that should appease any fantasy and adventure fan. Maxey is one of the most talented writers that I’ve come across lately, and I’ll definitely be following his progress and looking forward to new releases.

Available at Solaris Books, Amazon, and bookstores in the States, U.K., and Canada.

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