Blood Evidence

NCIS: Blood Evidence, by Mel Odom, is the 2nd novel in his NCIS series. But they don’t necessarily need to be read in order. It’s definitely a stand-alone book. I’m obviously a big fan of Odom’s work, so I jumped at the chance to read this one as well.

Commander Will Coburn of the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) is called away from a night out with his kids when he must go investigate a kidnapping incident. Through a dangerous rescue attempt, strange mysteries begin unraveling and several cold cases begin opening up. And it becomes clear right away that powerful rich and political figures are involved in covering up at least a couple deaths. As more and more questions arise, the NCIS team must race against the clock to track down the truth behind two 17-year-old mysteries that seemed to be intertwined.

Medical examiner Nita Tomlinson is also dealing with troubles at home. Feeling trapped in her marriage, Nita begins seeking out other distractions. But even while trying to flee from her problems, she realizes something is missing in her life.

Drama infused in a fast-paced, murder mystery, Odom does a wonderful job of integrating Christian elements and faith without becoming preachy. The character development with Nita was very well written. Her story of redemption is a wonderful subplot to the ongoing investigations.

With interesting and colorful characters and realistic medical terminology, Blood Evidence is must-read series for any CSI or NCIS fan. This action-packed mystery culminates into an exciting climax that won’t disappoint!

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  1. I got both from Mel as a gift. I have taken his writing classed here in OKC. They are very good reads. I enjoyed the characters, especially the powerful scene at the end with Nita Tomlinson finding her center. The crimes were secondary to the characters. It makes you want more. Good thing Mel is writing the third book in the series.

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