Blu-ray Review: Star Trek: Enterprise Season One

Star Trek: Enterprise Season One Blu-ray

About the Show:
STAR TREK: ENTERPRISE recounts the adventures of the pioneers of space travel who ventured into the universe 100 years before James T. Kirk helmed the starship of the same name. Set in the 22nd century, ENTERPRISE takes place in an era when interstellar travel is still in its infancy. Captain Jonathan Archer (Scott Bakula) has assembled a crew of brave explorers to chart the galaxy on a revolutionary spacecraft: Enterprise NX-01. As the first human beings to venture into deep space, these men and women will experience the wonder and mystery of the final frontier as they seek out new life and new civilizations.

Included in the Blu-Ray Set:
Disc 1:
“Broken Bow”
– Commentary
– Deleted Scenes
“Fight or Flight”
– Deleted Scenes
“Strange New World”
Special Features:
– In Conversation: Rick Berman and Brannon Braga
– Cast Introduction
– Network Presentation
– Syndication Presentation
– Archival Mission Logs:
– Creating Enterprise
– O Captain! My Captain! A Profile of Scott Bakula
– NX-01 File 02

Disc 2:
– Deleted Scene
“Terra Nova”
“The Andorian Incident”
– Text Commentary
“Breaking the Ice”
Special Features:
– Archival Mission Logs:
– Cast Impressions: Season 1
– Enterprise Secrets

Disc 3:
“Fortunate Son”
“Cold Front”
“Silent Enemy”
– Commentary
“Dear Doctor”
“Sleeping Dogs”
– Deleted Scene
Special Features:
– Archival Mission Logs:
– Star Trek Time Travel: Temporal Cold Wars and Beyond
– Admiral Forest Takes Center Stage

Disc 4:
“Shadows of P’Jem”
– Commentary
“Shuttlepod One”
– Commentary
– Deleted Scene
“Rogue Planet”
Special Features:
– Archival Mission Logs:
– Inside Shuttlepod One
– NX-01 File 01
– NX-01 File 03

Disc 5:
– Deleted Scenes
“Vox Sola”
– Text Commentary
“Fallen Hero”
– Deleted Scenes
“Desert Crossing”
Special Features:
– On The Set
– Archival Mission Log:
– Enterprise Outtakes

Disc 6:
“Two Days and Two Nights”
– Deleted Scene
“Shockwave, Part 1”
– Deleted Scenes
Special Features:
– “To Boldly Go: Launching Enterprise” Documentary that gives fans an inside look at the development and production of the series and is exclusive to this collection. The documentary features interviews with the show’s cast and crew, some of which were shot as recently as December 2012, as well as archival footage and behind-the-scenes clips. The documentary includes:
– Part One: Countdown – Chronicles the challenges faced by the producers and creative staff as they attempt to launch a new chapter in the Star Trek® saga by making the then-radical decision to create a prequel to the beloved original series. Features all new interviews with key personnel including creators Rick Berman and Brannon Braga, production designer Herman Zimmerman, technical consultants Michael and Denise Okuda, writers Andre Bormanis, Phyllis Strong and more.
– Part Two: Boarding the NX-01 – Follows the team as they begin the casting process and production on the series 2-hour pilot “Broken Bow.” Features all-new interviews with key cast and crew including series pilot director James L. Conway and series leads Scott Bakula (“Jonathan Archer”), Connor Trinneer (“Trip Tucker”), and Dominic Keating (“Malcolm Reed”).
– Part Three: First Flight – Charts the course for the rest of the series’ first season including all-new interviews with key production and post-production personnel. The six-disc set also includes a candid conversation with the series’ creators, Rick Berman and Brannon Braga, offering a glimpse into their creative process. In addition, the Blu-ray features brand new commentaries on select episodes from the season, along with a host of previously released special features such as deleted scenes and outtakes.

Scott Bakula stars as the first captain of the Enterprise, Jonathan Archer. Chief Engineer, Charles “trip” Tucker III (Connor Trinneer), Science Officer T’Pol (Jolene Blalock), Lt. Malcolm Reed of Security (Dominic Keating), Ensign Travis Mayweather (Anthony Montgomery), Ensign Hoshi Sato (Linda Park), and Dr. Phlox (John Billingsley) round out the rest of the main cast and crew of the Enterprise.

This Star Trek series had a somewhat different feel from its predecessors, jumping back 100 years from the first series instead of the bright new future. And for once, the Vulcans are looked at in a negative way – as a people who hindered humanity’s progress. The characters are a bit jaded, yet still embrace the spirit of exploration. This first season may be my favorite of this series. The stories are fresh. And the cast is new and just exploring their characters. While the show had its flaws, especially in its final seasons, I really enjoyed re-watching this first season of Enterprise since its recent move to blu-ray. And this new set is packed full of special features – commentaries, deleted scenes, outtakes, and a 3-part documentary. I’m a huge Star Trek fan, so I jumped at the chance to add this latest series to my blu-ray collection.

2 thoughts on “Blu-ray Review: Star Trek: Enterprise Season One”

  1. the Original ST was my favorite, but Enterprise was waaay better than I had expected!.. and besides I want to wrap up Conner and take him home with me! LOL LOL… actually I really liked the story line of Trip and T’Pol

  2. I am so going to have to give this a try! I need to do a series rematch sometime soon for the next generation haha

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