Blu-Ray Review: The NeverEnding Story

The NeverEnding Story Blu-ray Edition

The NeverEnding Story Blu-ray Edition

Still grieving over the loss of his mother, Bastien is often distracted in school and his grades have been suffering. One morning on the way to school, Bastien is tormented by bullies, and he runs to hide in a small, used bookstore. Inside he meets the grumpy owner, who is reading a book with a strange symbol on the cover and insists that his book is not “safe.” Bastien steals the book when the owner is distracted, promising to return it. He is already late for school when he arrives, so he takes the book up to the attic to read. But soon, Bastien begins to realize that this is no ordinary book. In fact, he is a part of the NeverEnding Story.

The film is based on the original German novel by Michael Ende. And Wolfgang Petersen brought the story to life in 1984, starring Noah Hathaway as Bastien. With brilliant casting, each child actor does an incredible job. And the special effects and creature creations are amazing, especially for the time it was created. The creators made the imaginative land of Fantasia larger than life, as if out of a dream.

I have loved this movie since I was a child. And watching it years later, I was pleased to see it still holds up today, with all of the same charm and wonder. Every child wants to read a book and literally become a part of it. It’s an ingenious story that appeals to people of all ages.

Unfortunately, there are no special features in the Blu-Ray edition, apart from the brilliant high definition. But this shouldn’t stop fans from getting their hands on this improved classic. With non-stop adventure and suspense, fun creatures, and epic fantasy, this heart-warming tale is timeless.

The NeverEnding Story is now available on DVD and Blue-Ray.

2 thoughts on “Blu-Ray Review: The NeverEnding Story”

  1. I *loved* THE NEVERENDING STORY when I read it in ’82, and I was in my early 20’s! I still have my hardcover copy of the book. 🙂

    I enjoyed the movie too, and I’ll have to get the DVD.

  2. OOPS — that was supposed to be ’84 not ’82. I don’t need to age myself any more than necessary!

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