Blu-Ray Review: Whiteout


U.S. Marshal Carrie Stetko (Kate Beckinsale) is assigned to the coldest and most remote place on earth – Antarctica. The camp is about to shut down and fly back to America for the winter, to avoid inclement weather. But Stetko discovers there’s a murderer in their midst. Based on the graphic novel by Greg Rucka, Stetko races to find a killer and uncover a mystery before winter falls.

Beckinsale is as graceful and beautiful as ever in this cold thriller. Her character has an interesting backstory and reason for choosing such a remote post. Stetko is a smart, brave, and a bit of a tortured soul. Costarring, are Gabriel Macht, as an U.N. investigator, Alex O’Laughlin and Columbus Short, as pilots, and Tom Skerritt, as the head doctor on base. Skerritt shines (as always) as a friend and confidant to Stetko.

When we first get a glimpse of the disguised killer, it has the feeling of a slasher-horror flick. But this only happens a few times during the movie. Otherwise, it’s a murder mystery/thriller. One that happens to have some pretty amazing scenic views. The set designs were spectacular. The story, while over-the-top suspense at times, actually had some slower scenes, to help the heart rate settle. The mystery, while a bit confusing at times, also had a wonderful twist. Watching this suspense-ridden thriller, has definitely made me want to go pick up the original graphic novel.

Special Features:
* “Coldest Thriller Ever”
* “Storyboard to screen”
* Deleted scenes
* Disc 2 – Digital Copy

Whiteout released on January 19th, available now on Blu-ray, DVD and Download.

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