Sci-Fi – Fiction Book Review: A Hero for WondLa

A Hero for WondLa by Tony DiTerlizzi

Eva Nine and Rovender have been found by a human boy named Hailey, the other human Eva has ever seen. When Hailey takes them to New Attica, a human colony, Eva thinks she’s finally going home. But New Attica isn’t the utopia that it pretends to be. Eva soon learns that strict rules are in place, and the ruler of New Attica is keeping many secrets from the rest of the humans. Secrets he will do anything to protect.

Following Eva Nine’s adventures in The Search for WondLa, Eva has done a lot of maturing and has become a strong and confident young teenager. We come to find out that DiTerlizzi’s imaginative, futuristic world called Orbona is actually Earth many years in the future. Orbona is going through a rebirth of life with fantastic creatures and plant life. The imaginations of children and adults alike will find inspiration in the brilliant story of WondLa.

All of the wonder and adventure is back with a new fast-paced, heart-warming story of friendship, bravery, and forgiveness. Full of mystery, suspense, humor, and drama along with original creatures and complex characters – this series is sure to become a young reader classic. I fell in love with several of the characters, was completely caught up in the story, and was constantly amazed by the creative setting. DiTerlizzi’s numerous illustrations are once again incredibly beautiful and vivid – giving life to his imagination with the vibrant characters and alien landscapes. I highly recommend this science fiction/fairy tale-like series to readers of all ages. Don’t’ miss it.

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