Fantasy – Fiction Book Review: Under Suspicion

Under Suspicion Hannah Jayne

As the only human at the Underworld Detective Agency, Sophie Lawson has the unique gift of immunity to magic. After getting stood up by a client, Sophie suspects foul play when it seems the dragon left her home under duress. Then, when other demons are attacked, Sophie’s suspicions are confirmed – if she could only convince anyone else. But when Sophie is attacked with a wooden stake, she realizes that time is running out to find a ruthless killer.

Sophie and her fabulously eccentric friends are all back for this latest adventure. Though, Alex mysteriously disappears for most of the action. Instead, the heat is evolving between Sophie and her guardian Will. Will seems to be more dependable and trustworthy, which is what Sophie needs. So I’m enjoying their relationship and its progression. Meanwhile, Sophie’s vampire roommate has met a handsome writer and fallen head over heels. The only problem is that his books are all about how vampires and other legendary creatures are not real.

This third installment in the Underworld Detective Agency Chronicles is fast-paced and full of excitement and laughs. The mystery was a bit predictable, but was still suspenseful enough to be thoroughly enjoyable. These mysteries work well as standalone novels. Though it helps to have read previous installments just to get Sophie’s history with the other characters, it’s not a prerequisite to follow this story. Urban fantasy fans shouldn’t miss this fun and captivating series.

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