Book Review: Across the Universe


Across the Universe, by Beth Revis

Seventeen-year-old Amy is cryogenically frozen, along with her parents, for the 300 year journey to a new planet where her family will be colonists. But fifty years before the starship Godpeed’s arrival, Anna is woken up and faced with a startling civilization. But being trapped on a ship with strange inhabitants that can’t seem to think for themselves and ruled by a ruthless tyrant is not as nearly as bad as knowing there’s a murderer on board, killing the frozen colonists. And Amy’s parents may be next.

Amy is a sympathetic character, thrust into a seemingly unbearable situation. And Elder, the future leader of the ship, is even more likable. He makes occasional mistakes yet has a good heart. There are several antagonists – Eldest, the tyrannical ruler; the unknown murderer who is not truly surprising; and even the ship itself, a place of containment and no escape that can lead to insanity. Revis’ has created a truly fascinating and chilling setting aboard a massive ship fueled by lies and deceit.

The first in a purposed trilogy, this debut novel is both impressive and breathtaking. Full of mystery, intrigue, heart-pounding suspense, and a bit of romance, this novel was completely captivating from beginning to end. Marketed for teens, this dark, dramatic adventure in deep space is a fantastic read for adults as well. With a feeling of Pandorum meets the Hunger Games, I highly recommend this for any science fiction fan. The next installment can’t come soon enough.

Across the Universe releases from Razorbill on January 11, 2011.

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