Book Review: Afterlife: The Resurrection Chronicles


Afterlife: The Resurrection Chronicles, by Merrie Destefano

Chaz Domingue is a Babysitter, watching over the newly resurrected. In a futuristic society, humans can now live up to nine lifetimes in cloned bodies. But the newly resurrected have a slow start, with spotty memories. So Babysitters are hired to protect and reintegrate them into society. Angelique is Chaz’ latest Newbie, but someone with powerful connections is after her. As a conspiracy begins to unravel that involves almost everyone around Chaz, the key to their future lies in Angelique’s memories.

Chaz is a likeable and relatable character. Despite the popularity and his own family’s involvement in the Resurrection process, Chaz is content with his one, natural life. He wants his life to eventually end, so he can someday reach Heaven. The spiritual aspect and repercussions in this novel are fascinating. With the popularity of cloning, even most churches begin to support the controversial science of prolonging life past its natural course. Though Chaz’ beliefs remain steadfast.

The plot is complex and inspired. The mood is dark and suspenseful. It’s rare when I’m so impressed by a debut. And this science fiction novel definitely took me by surprise. The narrative is fast-paced, jumping around among several key characters’ point of view. So readers see what’s coming a bit before Chaz, building suspense and excitement. The mystery builds to a climactic ending, offering several surprises. And I finished the book with a smile, loving every bit of Destefano’s thought-provoking tale.

How many lives would I want to live? I’m still not exactly sure…

Afterlife: The Resurrection Chronicles releases from Eos Books on September 28, 2010.

Afterlife and Lois Lane

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  1. Thanks so much for the awesome review! I’ve been following your site and posts for years, so your high opinion really means a lot to me. =) I love the way you describe the plot–I’m so bad at describing my own stories, but you nailed it! And of course, the shot of Lois Lane, the rock star Shar Pei, curled up with the book is priceless. Thanks again. I’m loving my first book review!

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