Fantasy – Fiction Book Review: Ambush

Ambush by Obert Skye

Beck, Kate, and Wyatt decide to dispose of the last remaining dragon egg stone where no one can reach it. And as hard as it is, Beck lets the stone go. But the plants in the town of Kingsplot don’t seem happy. Mushrooms cause havoc in a museum and a cactus attacks Beck in the middle of the night, yet somehow Beck gets blamed for it all. The Kingsplot’s residents seem to have forgotten the dragon attacks and find it easier to get angry at Beck, save for the Sheriff who must constantly write everything down to remember. Beck’s father is in the hospital, still suffering from a mental breakdown. And after a visit with his father, Beck’s mind begins to cloud with the Pillage curse once again.

This is the third and final installment in Skye’s Pillagy series. Beck’s quick wit and humor are the highlight of this quirky fantasy trilogy. He is constantly attacked by plants and then blamed for the outcome by adults, but instead of getting angry or throwing a fit – he turns to sarcasm and his endless patience. Even when under the lure of the dark curse, Beck is still a sympathetic character.

While it’s obvious the final egg will hatch, the anticipation and suspense are fantastically built up to a climactic, final showdown. I love this creative adventure series. And its satisfying conclusion did not disappoint. Fantasy fans of all ages should enjoy this incredible adventure full of pillaging dragons, an enormous manor with endless secret passages and hidden rooms, and eccentric characters that always amuse.

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