John Carter Fan Trailer Blows Away Official One

Here’s the trailer that “should have been” for John Carter. This fan-made trailer is extremely well-executed and puts the “Official” trailers to shame. Going by the official trailers, no one would know anything ABOUT the movie, let alone that it’s based on the classic novels by Edgar Rice Burroughs. If this fan-trailer can circulate enough, maybe the film will have a chance at succeeding.

UPDATE: If you’re a fan and would like to help this fan-run campaign, check out:

8 thoughts on “John Carter Fan Trailer Blows Away Official One”

  1. I can’t wait for this movie to be here! I think every part of it will be wonderful! There’s something about the way he says “Yes, ma’am” to Deja Thoris in this trailer that gives a little hitch in my heart. Maybe because I know what’s to come!

  2. Thanks for posting our fan trailer……we have also organized a netroots media program around what fans can to do help this movie …. we’ll be doing a live online show about it today at 6pm PST. We’ve got two weeks to get this campaign on track — the film itself is great, just need to overcome the negative buzz that’s been out there for awhile.

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