Book Review: Angelology


Angelology, by Danielle Trussoni

When Sister Evangeline receives a letter from a man claiming to be the heir of Abigail Rockefeller, she initially rejects his request to locate any letters between Abigail and the former mother superior of Saint Rose Convent. But after doing some research on her own, Evangeline discovers a mystery too tempting to pass by. Evangeline uncovers a secret society that studies fallen angels and their descendants (the Nephilim) in order to save humanity. As the Nephilim are corrupt angel and human hybrids that plan to dominate humanity. And Evangeline has a secret destiny that could bring about the rise or fall of the cursed race.

Trussoni has created a stunning world that blends Biblical teachings, ancient myths, and academic theories about the fall of angels and the Nephilim. Her angels and Nephilim are beautiful and tragic characters, with a rich history and conflict with the Angelologists.

The story is complex and skillfully plotted, told in a unique way that blends past and present. The tone and pace reminded me of The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova. With a dark mystery, believable characters, and a captivating plot, Angelology is a fascinating and ambitious debut novel.

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