Book Review: Bitten to Death

Bitten to Death

Bitten to Death, by Jennifer Rardin, is the 4th in the Jaz Parks series.

The latest mission for Jaz and Vayl have them infiltrating the vampire Trust. But someone has overthrown the regime. In a mysterious rise in power and abilities, the new leader of the Trust shares a dark past with Vayl. And she has her eyes set on Vayl as her new partner. Meanwhile, Jaz still needs to deal with the voices in her head and hunt down the evil vampire Samos.

Rardin does a great job with character development throughout the series. Jaz and her boss have gone through a lot and their relationship is certainly changing. It’s been a long time since I read the earlier books, and I was still able to jump into the story and not feel lost. But one of my favorite things about this series is the character interactions. Jaz is a fantastic character with plenty of humor to diffuse the scenes of violence and danger. The physical attraction and tension between Jaz and Vayl is steamy and frustrating.

This latest installment doesn’t fall short on the plot and suspense either. The Trust seems to be full of killers and traitors that will do anything to gain power. For action-packed intrigue with loads of blood-suckers, shapeshifters, and other things that go bump in the night, don’t miss this spy novel with bite.

* PS: For those of you with sharp eyes, you’ll notice that the cover blurb is from yours truly, talking about the first book in the series!

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