Fantasy – Fiction Book Review: Black Night

Black Night by Christina Henry

Madeline Black has only recently discovered that she is a descendant from fallen angels on both sides of the family. But she insists on making her own way in the world and continues her job as escort to the afterlife for the recently departed. But when she happens upon a recent death with no notice, Maddy begins to wonder if another Nephilim may be on the loose. And suddenly Maddy’s powers seem to short out. Then, her beloved bodyguard Gabriel and best friend Beezle the gargoyle disappear without a word. Meanwhile, Maddy is called upon by her grandfather Lucifer to be the ambassador to the fairy queen – a mission that got the last ambassador beheaded.

Maddy is back again with a whole new mess of troubles. Following the events in Black Wings, Maddie has learned more about herself. And her relationship with Gabriel seems doomed. But several of her relationships change in the course of this story. And while I liked Gabriel in the first novel, I found myself wondering why Maddie is still attracted to him by the end. He goes from being her strong bodyguard to being a helpless victim with no backbone by the end. On the other hand, I was fascinated by the surprising J.B. who is just as mysterious as before, but definitely more qualities that Maddie should find attractive. But Maddie certainly has no lack of men in her life to choose from.

Demons, werewolves, fairies, and giant spiders – there is no lack of monsters and enemies in this latest adventure either. Fast-paced and action-packed, this sequel was just as exciting as the first. I was completely riveted, yet again. Fantastic characters, complex relationships, mystery, intrigue, and plenty of magic – urban fantasy fans should not miss this series.

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