Fantasy – Fiction Book Review: Under Suspicion

Under Suspicion Hannah Jayne As the only human at the Underworld Detective Agency, Sophie Lawson has the unique gift of immunity to magic. After getting stood up by a client, Sophie suspects foul play when it seems the dragon left her home under duress. Then, when other demons are attacked, Sophie’s suspicions are confirmed – … Read more

Fantasy – Fiction Book Review: Fated

Fated by Benedict Jacka Alex Verus is a mage who runs a magic shop in London. His forte is precognition, with the ability to see all possible futures by the result of someone’s choice. When Alex is asked by the Council to open a mysterious relic, he turns them down right away. But when other … Read more

Fantasy – Fiction Book Review: Tricked

Tricked by Kevin Hearne Atticus O’Sullivan is the only living druid and would like to stay that way. Some Norse gods want revenge and have hunted down Atticus in retaliation for his recent escapade. So he is appreciative when the Native American god Coyote disguises himself as Atticus and lets the Norse gods murder Coyote … Read more

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