Fantasy – Fiction Book Review: Black Wings

Black Wings by Christina Henry

Madeline Black is an Agent of Death, whose job is to escort the recently deceased to the door to the afterlife. Her new tenant is an extremely attractive, mysterious man named Gabriel. But trouble seems to arrive as quickly as he does. A monstrous demon has been killing, leaving no souls behind to collect. Maddy gets attacked from evil creatures at every turn. And she soon learns she has a dark family history with powers to match.

Maddy is a heroic, likeable character, soon surrounded by attractive men and a loveable gargoyle sidekick. Henry’s world of fallen angels and monstrous creatures is creative, with a dark, complex history. The dark setting and violence is balanced well by quirky humor and a bit of romance. This promising series debut is action-packed and full of mystery, monsters, and magic. I was captivated from beginning to its surprising and thrilling end.

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