Book Review: Blood of the Demon

Blood of the Demon

Blood of the Demon, by Diana Rowland

Kara Gillian is a cop and a demon summoner. Still reeling from her last case involving a demon-summoning serial killer, Kara is thrust into a new murder case involving one of her own officers. Again, there seems to be evidence of the paranormal, as victims essences have been torn from bodies in a violent manner. Only Kara and her FBI friend, who seems to have his own secret ties to the paranormal, and a crafty demon lord have the expertise to discover a killer who excels at covering their tracks.

In this intense and highly suspenseful sequel, Rowland exceeds my expectations. Her characters are becoming even more interesting and pulled me into the story from the start. Kara’s relationships with the men in her life complicate and become even more complex. And she’s growing in her abilities in the arcane. As Kara begins to realize that a series of murders are connected by someone with a dangerous ability, the plot begins to unfold in an intricate and unexpected way.

Rowland’s combination of paranormal and police procedure has created an exceptional niche in the genre. A dark mystery, a creative paranormal world, and fascinating characters make for a good urban fantasy series. Heart-pounding suspense tinged with romance and angst makes this installment outstanding.

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