Book Review: Captain Nemo

Captain Nemo by Kevin J. Anderson

In Captain Nemo, Kevin J. Anderson conveys a fictional biography of one of the founding fathers of science fiction. The story follows Jules Verne and his two friends Andre Nemo and Caroline Arronax. Jules and Andre both love adventure, but Jules would rather dream about far off places while Andre experiences them. As Jules pursues his love of writing, he chooses to write about his friend’s numerous, adventurous exploits. And Nemo’s hard life begins to change his heart, turning him into one of the most feared sea captains in the Atlantic.

Jules Verne has a heart for the arts, in spite of his father’s pressures to follow him into law. While somewhat rebellious, he doesn’t share the same courage that Andre does. Both young men love Caroline, causing an awkward love triangle – as Caroline only has feelings for Andre.

While Andre Nemo’s adventures delve into the realms of fantasy and science fiction (at least for the time period), the emotional drama is realistic. Nemo’s travels are of course the driving force of the story and the inspiration for Jules Verne – from a mysterious island with dinosaurs that takes him deep within the earth, to an amazing hot air balloon ride, and finally to the legendary Nautilus. Full of drama, adventure, war, and heartbreak – Captain Nemo is a satisfying read. Fans of classic science fiction will enjoy this homage to Jules Verne.

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