Audio Book Review: The Thirteen Hallows

The Thirteen Hallows by Michael Scott and Colette Freedman

Thirteen ancient artifacts were given to protectors to keep from opening a gateway to another world of monstrous creatures. But the protectors are being systematically hunted and tortured into giving up their artifacts. Only the most powerful artifact, now a broken, rusted sword can stand against an evil man and his plans for opening the gateway and unleashing demons on the earth.

The Thirteen Hallows is a dark, disturbing, and excessively violent story with vivid characters. Scott and Freedman have created a vast fantasy world of evil creatures and evil humans. In fact, their villains far outnumber their noble characters. This new fantasy, horror novel seems overwhelmingly dark, with no hope for good to triumph over evil. The “bad guys” seem to know everything and have unlimited power and resources. While the “good guys” get killed off just as we learn their stories, and rarely even trying to fight back. And the police seem incompetent and jump to outlandish conclusions, without even checking fingerprints or other evidence that would blatantly contradict their theories. The horror and violence are a bit muich for my taste, but is exciting and engrossing just the same. The suspense builds to an abrupt but satisfying end.

The audio version is read by Kate Reading. She has a wide array of voices and accents, depicting each character skillfully. Though, Owen’s character was supposed to sound like he was from Boston, and Reading’s was just a generic American Midwestern accent. Switching quickly and seamlessly, Reading did an amazing job of keeping up with the numerous characters.

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