Book Review: Children of Scarabaeus

Children of Scarabaeus, by Sara Creasy

In a last-ditch effort to escape from Crib forces closing in, expert cypherteck Edie Sha’nim, Finn, and Cat cryogenically freeze themselves, hoping anyone but the Crib would find them. Unfortunately, the Crib finds Edie just over a year later and forces her back to work. To make matters worse, Edie soon discovers that the Crib have been using children as cypherteck slaves in her absence.

Picking up where Song of Scarabaeus left off, Edie and Finn have a growing relationship. But Finn still has a bomb connected to his brain that reacts to Edie, with unfortunate side effects. Once again, Creasy’s dark and complex universe of the oppressive Crib, creative advanced technology, and a sentient planet is fascinating and engaging. No sophomore slump here.

With plenty of surprising twists and turns, this was non-stop suspense and adventure. This sequel had a building, climactic and satisfying ending that I didn’t see coming. I’ll be looking forward to more upcoming releases from the inventive Sara Creasy. Fans of science fiction will enjoy this unique saga with a bit of romance.