Book Review: Dark Descendant

Dark Descendant, by Jenna Black

On a particularly bad blind date, private investigator Nikki Glass jumps at the chance to ditch him and help her latest client. But when she arrives at the residence of the cult she has been investigating, things go from bad to worse as Nikki is thrust into a world of mythical gods and magic. Nikki discovers that she is the descendant of the goddess Artemis, giving her incredible abilities to hunt and never miss a target. Nikki also can’t die. But her loved ones can. Now, a rival faction of immortals threatens those closest to her in order to “recruit” Nikki for their evil plans. And Nikki isn’t sure who she can trust.

Despite getting beat up quite a bit in the beginning, Nikki grows to be a brave heroine. She has a kind heart and forgiving nature, making her easy to like. Yet she’s smart and doesn’t easily trust strangers. Black’s world of ancient mythology meets urban fantasy, is fascinating and exciting. Her characters are as unique as the gods from which they descend.

Dark and thrilling, this new series debut was completely engaging from start to finish. With plenty of mystery, danger, and action – I loved every minute of it. With its fascinating characters and intense suspense, this is a must read for urban fantasy fans. Culminating in a final showdown with several surprises along the way, I thoroughly enjoyed this fantastic new release. I will certainly be following this new series.

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