Fantasy – Fiction Book Review: Dark Frost

Dark Frost by Jennifer Estep

Gwen Frost is back at Mythos Academy after a ski trip adventure that led to the imprisonment of a Reaper spy. She continues to interrogate him with her psychometry magic – a magic that not only gives her the history of an object but people as well. In fact, she learns that her gift has the potential to affect people in a much more direct way. Meanwhile, Gwen knows that the Reapers are looking for the Helheim Dagger and will stop at nothing to find it. The Helheim Dagger is the only thing that can unlock the evil god Loki’s prison. So, Gwen makes it her mission to find where her mother hid the dagger before they do.

As if her problems with the Reapers weren’t enough, Gwen isn’t sure what the status is with her relationship with Logan Quinn. They have a complicated relationship. He is holding back a secret. And any time Gwen touches him, she sees things about him that she has no control over. Then, after her best friend’s powers manifest, their relationship becomes strained as well when Daphne becomes distant. Gwen is a fantastic character, sympathetic and easy to like. She’s a reluctant hero who doesn’t understand her own potential.

Dark Frost is the third novel in the Mythos Academy series. Full of action, mystery, and suspense – this fast-paced adventure was impossible to put down. Amidst teen angst and drama, this fun YA fantasy is not to be missed. Both young adults and older adults alike will enjoy. As with most of Estep’s novels, there are plenty of plot twists and surprises – and this was no exception. I’m a huge fan of this exciting and highly entertaining series.

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  1. I am really enjoying this series, too, which surprised me. I just hope that the romance drama is over with… Three books to just get together in the first place was a bit annoying!

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