Book Review: Dark War

Dark War, by Tim Waggoner

Zombie detective Matt Richter’s latest case starts with missing magic users, including the one man who helps Matt stay in one piece. But when blame is cast on one faction of Nekropolis, it looks like a war may break out among them. Demons, vampires, and other things that go bump in the night – Matt has faced them all. Now, he must stop someone from destroying Nekropolis and its residents from the inside.

Third in the Nekropolis series, Matt has gone through his share of changes. He and his half-vampire love are pregnant after the events in book two. And Matt now has the convenient ability to reattach lost limbs, a temporary solution, but handy. No pun intended. Waggoner’s quirky and off-beat characters are definitely the highlight of this creative series.

Suspense, mystery and mayhem abound in this latest exciting installment. Noir meets zombie humor in this rich world of magic and monsters. Always engaging with fast-paced adventure, Waggoner delivers once again. This dark fantasy series is a must for any urban fantasy fan. Dark but funny, it’s an unbeatable balance that simply works. I can’t get enough of Matt Richter and his adventures.

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  1. Fast paced, dark and funny, I’ll be adding this series to my wish list. Looks like I need to start from the beginning instead of jumping right in.

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